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My big problem with WordPress May 13, 2006

Posted by curtmonash in Uncategorized.

Every piece of software has its glitches, but on the whole WordPress is a great system. Even so, there's one single reason that I look forward eagerly to the day I muster up the energy to port most or all of my sites away from WordPress: Single-parent category hierarchies.

I write a lot, and I don't really expect very many people to read my output in its entirety. Rather, I think they'd prefer to choose to take feeds in particular subject areas, hopefully broad ones.

Organizing my posts into such categories is really hard with a strictly hierarchical ontology. I need the multiple-parent ontology of Drupal.

Unfortunately, there's a lot else that seems to be missing or over-hard in Drupal. And it doesn't help that every stupid technical non-feature of the Computerworld blogs, when I blogged there, was blamed by the developers on "Drupal," deservedly or not.



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