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A workaround that helps identify future spam May 7, 2006

Posted by curtmonash in Uncategorized.

In a previous post I complained that if Akisment and my other filters let a bunch of spam comments through, I could mass delete them, but I couldn't mass-identify them as spam for Akismet's edification. (Uh, I'm assuming that I recall correctly that Akismet depends on being trained …)

Well, I've found a workaround that doesn't take too many steps.

1. Notice a common word to a set of spam that got through (there will usually be one; today's example was "vimax")

2. Add the word to the list of keywords triggering comment moderation in Options/Discussion. Update options. Then select the choice to refilter comments.

3. Move the word from the moderation list to the blacklist list. Update options again.

4. Go to Manage/Comments and classify all the newly moderated items as spam.

There are a few more clicks than I indicated above, but the whole process isn't too terrible. It would be a lot easier just to have a "Mark as spam" option separate from the "Delete" option in mass comment editing, of course, but this is something of a workaround.



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