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Different themes April 26, 2006

Posted by curtmonash in Uncategorized.

One thing I’m using this blog for is to experiment with different themes. On my main blogs, set up in WordPress 1.5, I went with all the same theme — Sharepoint-like, which I lightly customized. Mainly, I selected it for its efficient use of space. And nested categories; at first, I wasn’t will to hack around that on my own. And I like the colors; blue/yellow/white is what decorated my room when I was growing up, and were major colors in my favorite New York City apartment as well.

But if I keep it I need to fiddle with the colors a little; that yellow text is pretty unreadable where used. And I’ve found I make a lot of long posts, so a theme that automatically truncated them on the first page (with suitable links to the whole thing) might be good for me. Like Hemingway, the theme I’m playing with here at the moment I write this. Another nice thing about Hemingway is that the About part seems to just be an editable page, rather than being hardwired into the code the way it is in Sharepoint-like. (I just deleted it altogether, put that info into initial blog posts, and then made one of my post categories “About This Blog”. Not the worst idea, if I may say so myself …) And yet another one is that there’s a convient place for the titles of recent posts, something that for some reason doesn’t wind up being in the themes I otherwise prefer.

No one theme ever exactly suits me. I foresee a little more hacking in my future …



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